Captain’s Blog:

Star Date 170124

I gave number one the bridge as she had to go to work today. She said she had a pretty good day. She decided to give up Pepsi yesterday, and despite extreme fatigue she did survive the day.
She did great today, too. This Pepsi substance seems to have a most peculiar effect on humans and can quickly get out of control. Not unlike the Tribble incident we had last week. She said someone brought doughnuts to work today. Two boxes of chocolate iced donuts. So she had one because they are one of her faves. She said it was ok because she wasn’t drinking Pepsi. Later that afternoon she was back in the kitchen washing out her mug and noticed there was still a box over half full sitting there, so she took another one and ate it. This was justified by what she said was a state of feeling bad for the doughnuts. She also said she was pretty sure someone was trying to sabotage her. She said this was not paranoia, but a premonition…after the fact. Nor did she know who had it in for her.
On her drive home she had to stop at the store to return a movie. Wouldn’t you know it, a Pepsi magically appeared in her hand, she paid for it, and drank it blissfully for the remainder of the drive back into town and to the library, where she found a trash can to “hide the evidence.”
She thinks she can tell me anything, but boy was SHE wrong! Oh well. Good news is she gets another chance to start again tomorrow. She’s no quitter, that one! She keeps quitting til she’s quit! Which is a good thing because I fear Number One may have almost as difficult a time getting rid of that habit as we did getting rid of those Tribbles-cute as they were. Proof not everything is as good as it seems. I wonder if the movie Gremlins will be made in the future based off our experience…as much as a dog CAN wonder, that is.
Anyway, I ate some grass or something when she let me out a few minutes ago so I need to run since I have the heaves.
We will continue our search for new life and brave new worlds once we get some shut eye.
Captain Call, signing off.



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