I researched it! I know what I’m saying!

Because everyone’s an expert now.


I am in a debate with a really good friend of mine.   She loves Obama, and I feel angry just looking at a picture of him or hearing his lie-filled voice.  Quite honestly, it blows me away that she could be so enamored of the guy, when I have always known her to be a very intelligent, rational, person.  She’s a real sweetheart and I love her a lot.  But when Obama and this election comes up, both of our fangs and nails come out!  I don’t want to be mean to her and try not to insult her personally out of respect for her, but it gets hard when you feel that you are being attacked for what you believe yourself.   When it comes to things like this, I have to ask myself: Is one person right, and the other wrong?  Is that person me?

One thing she said to me was that she thought I was listening to the “crap” on Fox News.  She did not really address anything I said, of course.  Just that what I said was yes, crap.  This was not easy to swallow.  Because I know Fox News is horrible, and wouldn’t watch it even if I did watch TV.  But I don’t watch TV!  And then the kicker.  She ended her comment with, “I have studied this in depth for over two years.”

Well, what am I supposed to say to THAT?  She’s my friend.

“Well, guess what, little girl!  I’m no idiot either!”  Ok. No.  Can’t say that.

But, at the expense of sounding sarcastic, at what point does she become the expert?  And at what point, does that make her right?  My mind considers that a person with a PhD in a given field is considered an expert.  That’s extensive study, on a specific topic for….at least 8 years.  At least.  So, ok then.  Decidedly NOT an expert.

Then I think about all the “experts” out there.  You know how scientists brag about how it’s unemotional and nothing but facts and rationale?  Well, I am here to tell ya, prove them wrong and watch what happens!  They throw a fit just like a three year old on the Wal-Mart floor because you won’t buy them the candy they want!  For every expert there is to say that A is true, there is another who will tell you that A is false, and B is actually true.  Once in a while, you can get MOST experts on the same page…but that rarely turns out well either.  Don’t eat eggs!  They’ll kill ya!  No, yeah, go ahead and eat them, it’s not as bad as we thought.

Will you make up my mind already?!

But that, is part of the problem, if you ask me.  We get some guy in a white coat who says he’s an expert and tells you that you need to do a mastectomy over a lumpectomy because your chances of survival are better.  Well, that’s not exactly true, now is it?  (FYI, the answer is no-at least for now!.)

So, here we as a country are now.  In the last few years we have had people rioting and killing each over and looting and starting fires and I mean, it’s just been ridiculous.  And in the wake of celebrating Mr. Martin Luther Kind Jr. Day….I have to wonder what he would think of all this.   I don’t know, but I don’t think he would approve of this nonsense.  Not at all.  Now, THAT man had class.

I see all these ads and memes going around on Facebook and they talk about how Obama was/is such a classy President.  Quite honestly, I have to scratch my head and wonder how they came up with that.  He said he was against war, was going to bring home our troops, was going to close Guantanamo, and let’s see….that was pretty much his platform, as I recall.  Oh, and Obama Care.  Tell me how you can implement a new health care policy and threaten fines and jail, and then turn around a brag about what a huge number of people signed up as if they did it because it was just such an amazing idea?  Uh, no.  We didn’t want to break the law!  Hello!   Delusional much?   And the man is just…he’s a narcissist.  He really is.  He takes credit for the Earth’s rotation around the sun, I swear.  Hell, he thinks he IS the sun!  He tells half truths and then stretches it waaaaaay out to sound far better than it really is, and it’s just…ridiculous.  And when it comes to what he’s done….uh, hello?   He hasn’t done much of anything!  He’s dropped over 72 bombs, we are in three wars right now, Guantanamo is still going, he’s signed over 200 executive orders now, he’s circumvented congress to get his way (breaking the law) and the list is endless.   I’m sorry, but the man just didn’t really do much of anything.  And Obama Care?  Fail.  Miserable fail.

And here we are more divided than ever and he’s the classiest President ever.  The media feeds us so much crap.  Here’s another example, then this week there was something on media about how Michelle was the most fashionable First Lady ever…something to that effect.  Oh my Gawdiness!  First of all, I just don ‘t see it.  Everyone knows Jackie O was, and Michelle did not out do her.  Not even close.   If she had, I would say so.  But, she.did.not.

And you know what my friend would probably say to me now?  That’s your opinion.  Guess what?  She’s right!  But so is saying Michelle is, or that Obama was the classiest president ever.  What bothers me, here, is how these two are almost literally put up on pedestals and worshiped as Gods compared to any President who has gone before.  And for what?  Because he did basically nothing???

Classic example of the nothing he did?  When Israel needed us?  He did nothing!   Get my drift?  But what he DOES want to do, is give more of our freedoms over to the UN.  It’s there.  Look it up.  And there are people in this country, folks, who think that is perfectly ok!!   Like WOW!  We are a sovereign nation!  Once we lose that, we are done, folks!  But I digress.

Back to research.

I think back to my college days, the third or fourth time, the time I actually stuck it out for a whole five years-because they didn’t want to give me half the credits I had already earned saying they were “too old,” and finished with my bachelor’s degree?  Yeah, that time.   That was a whole nine years ago!  Wow!  Time flies!

I’m sitting in an upper level English class and my prof has just told us to turn in the first page of our first paper and I got mine back without a mark on it, but a B.  I looked at it forever, trying to figure out why it was just a B.  No spelling errors.   No errors at all.  Yet, a B.  So, I go up to his desk to talk to him, holding out my paper so he can see it.

“I can’t find a mark on here that I have made any errors, but you still gave me a B.  I was just wondering why.”  He looks at it and then at me.

“Well, it just didn’t seem finished.  I wanted a good intro, and your just didn’t seem complete.”  He said with a grimace.

“That’s because my intro was TWO pages long, but you said you only wanted the first page!”  I said in defense.

He shrugged apathetically, and unmovably.  He was not going to change it.  I could tell.  I start heading back for my seat, obviously ticked.
“A B is still a good grade.”  He says to me as if it will make me feel better.

“You don’t understand.”  I huffed.  “I don’t GET B’s!”   And I plopped down in my chair shaking my head defiantly.    Oh Yes!  I said it!  Yes, I shocked even me!

And it was true.  I never got anything less than an A on any paper I ever wrote.  But did that justify my behavior?  No.  Not at all.  In fact, I regretted it a second after I said it.  I was certain I was now going to fail the class!  Amazingly enough, when he saw my completed paper, which included the full intro and all the rest of it.  He gave me an A.  And I got an A in his class, despite my crummy attitude on week one.

And tonight I think about how we were and are taught to write papers and do research.  For the most part, it looks something like this.

1.  Pick a topic.

2.   Start doing your research and make sure you find X number of resources to support your topic.

3.  It must be X number of words long, so you may have to double dose up on the BS.

Did you catch that there?  Support your topic.

So, one decides that they are going to write about how red bikes are better than yellow ones.  With everything being online now, a great deal of research is done online and one sits for hours reading; looking for “evidence” that red bikes are indeed better than yellow ones.

And what does one do if they find something that says yellow bikes are better?  Pray tell?  Nothing.  It is dismissed, disregarded, and left out.  Why?  Because it does NOT support our topic!

And by the way, for those of you who don’t know.   Wikipedia?  Not a good source!  Anyone can write those and say whatever they want!  Unless they changed it recently, but not that I’m aware of.

So, here we are with our wonderful ten page papers, replete with all the ammunition needed to prove our thesis!  We hand it in proudly and wait.  The prof likes it and you get an A!  See!  Red bikes really ARE better than yellow ones!

Then I took stats and that was ok.  Then I took a sociology class on doing empirical studies, research, and that kind of thing.  It was called Methods of Analysis, if I recall correctly.  It was all about samples, what kind of samples will you use, and is your sample random, and on it goes.  There is a very intricate and detailed method to those so-called “studies” people like to throw out at us!  It was HARD!  I had straight A’s in every class until then…

I had to take it twice. Granted, I got really sick.  But usually, even if I miss a class or two, I can catch up.  This class, I just couldn’t get back on track.  The good thing about it was that it was a lot easier the second time, and a lot of it sank in deeper.  There’s a lot to be said about so called studies and if they are true sample, or even biased.  Yet, the “experts” can still make us think they are!  Even when they aren’t even close!  And I love how they play on our fears to make us think what they want us to think, or buy what they want us to buy…you get my drift.

Here’s the thing.  I have always been a somewhat insecure person who was also suspicious.  So, while I can’t say I was proud of my insecurity, it was also a good thing, because it forced me to have a more open mind about pretty much everything.  I didn’t want to pick a side on anything, because I just could not STAND to be ridiculed or wrong.  So, I would just kind of sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else participate in various debates on a sea of topics.  And there have been a LOT of times, when I have had an opinion about something that leaned one way, but then I would see or hear something, and have to scratch my head and think.  “Well, wait a minute.  How does THAT work?”

Sometimes, they do things so subtly and force you to focus on the left hand, while the right hand hides the rabbit.  And if we aren’t careful, we will fall for it every time.  How do I know this??  Because I have fallen for it, a million times!

Bottom line?  Even with all my “education” and research on this or that?  I have been wrong.  A lot!  I have been wrong so much, I honestly almost expect it these days!  But I know that I know what I know.

I know that 2 and 2 must equal four.  I know that C follows A and B.  And I know that I always have to be on guard and that there are few people whose word I can take at face value.  Especially if they are in media and government.  In fact, I think pretty much all of what they tell us is full of horse hooey, and that’s a sad thing.   And when I see Obama start passing laws that will make the media even more gagged then they are now, and he won’t release Chelsea for exposing the truth (like truth matters, ok?) and he’s trying to go after Russia for hacking us??  Seriously?  Sounds to me like this guy doesn’t like truth getting out.  Yet people continue to worship this guy.

These people have been truly brainwashed from day one!  Oh look!  The media says.  “Isn’t he the most well composed President ever!  Isn’t he just the most dashing and de-boner!”  They have been gushing over him for eight years!  And a whole bunch of people have followed suit.  I wish I could find the clip I heard of all these so called News people gushing over him-even people like Walter Cronkite got in on it.  It was beyond reason to me.

Yet no one asks…why is the media gushing over ANY president?  Is that their job?  I think not.  They are SUPPOSED to report the facts in an unbiased method, telling both sides of any story.  Well, when I was young, that was how it worked.  Not any more.

So, we got this guy named Trump for a President now.  He’s not my first choice.  Not even my second, not even my third.  But he’s what we got.  I am being mindful and trying to keep an open mind about him.  I don’t know if I like the guy or not.  Honestly, right now?  Mostly not.  But since when has liking the guy meant he would be a great President?  Oh yeah, Obama.  We like him.  Therefore, he’s great.  Sorry, I forgot.

Yeah, I have my reservations.  No doubt.  But he won, for crying out loud!  And to whine and cry and throw a fit and bully performers into not singing at the inauguration and all this stuff Obama is doing as he flips us off on his way out the door?  It’s NOT classy.  I know that I know what I know!  This is not class!  And I don’t understand how some people just won’t see it!

Why would ANYONE want their President to fail?  I understand their tactic.  Saying he’s not MY President, separates the idea.  It’s kind of like calling our enemies Gooks so we don’t feel so bad killing em when we’re at war.  Yeah, they did that.  So, as long as we can say he’s not MY President, we can all but kill the man.  And I’m scared for the man, because the way people are acting, I fear someone will actually try.  I don’t wish that on anyone.  But, here’s the thing.  Doing everything you can to see to it that he fails?  Is doing everything you can to see to it that we as a nation fail.    And that’s just…I take offense to that.   I am tired of the joblessness, the unemployment, the poverty, the riots, the looting, the cop killing….really?    We yell and scream such noble causes, yet our actions demonstrate the opposite.  Those of you who are participating in this type of behavior, you should be ashamed of yourselves.  I mean it.  Grow the hell up and start treating people the way you would like to be treated.  Reverse discrimination is racism.  Call it what it is.  And all it is, is another fight.  It solves nothing.  Go back and read Mr. King’s stuff, if you’re ever read it at all to begin with.  You can make a point without acting like a petulant child.  And this whole Trump is not my President thing?  Fine.  Leave.  Because he IS the President.  And this is Merica!  And if nothing else, you should be proud that we can still vote, and disagree with our friends and neighbors.  Be proud that we have a process that allows us all to be represented and that when the gov works like it’s supposed to, we have checks and balances, and we don’t have to ask, “who is watching the watchmen?”   Pray for our President!  I pray for Obama, even though I can’t stand the guy.  You can do it too.  And respect the process.  If you can’t do that, you may as well kiss our country good-bye.    Because this is not a chess game you’ve lost and then decided you don’t like the rules and so you didn’t really lose.  The rules of chess will always be the rules of chess.  Our democratic process is what is supposed to make us great.  When you throw that out the window, we are no longer great.

This much I know.  I don’t need stats to prove Obama is worth genuflecting over, or throwing tomatoes at.  I don’t need a new study to prove to me that Trump is going to throw our nation into the very depths of hades itself.   And just because I am right, doesn’t mean I get to be an asshole-rioting, looting and killing cops included.

And before you decide you are right, I hope you have done your research.  More importantly, I  hope you have done your research with an open mind and considered evn those things that you may not necessarily want to look at.  I hope most of all that you have not lost sight of truth.  You see, I think we recognize truth when we see it.  Kind of like it’s in our DNA or something.  We just know…and then we have to make a decision with what we are going to do with it.   That’s the hard part.  And sometimes figuring out just what the truth is, can be nearly impossible.  I have been completely convinced of many a thing, only realize I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  But there are basic truths in life that will never change.  Until someone comes along and tries to tell me that the truth is no longer true….and that’s the scariest part of all.  How do they know?  Where did they come up with this new truth.  Well, some expert said it!  So, it has to be!

But I have to wonder.  Does it go back to our days in school?  Where we can just decide that Obama is better than all the others, and then go in search of our sources to prove it while throwing out the others?

If so, you get a big fat F.



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