The Crucifixion of Christ in America

Because the first time wasn’t enough, and they want him gone.


Things change.  We all know and recognize this one inevitable truth.  I find it interesting that most humans have this innate desire to worship something.   It takes form in many different and interesting ways, and on many different levels.   Some people created idols, and began to worship and pray to them.  Some worship the sun, moon, and stars.  Yes, there are almost as many ways to worship and try to connect with something greater than us, as there are people.  Yet, that one basic thing remains the same.  That search for something more.  That knowledge that something is there, but not being sure just what it is or what to do with it.  I believe this was once a deep connection with the God of the Universe, but many have lost that connection and have lost their way.  So, while that desire to connect with God is still within us, it has taken shape in ways that even I can’t fathom.  Over time, many more have gotten lost and have replaced their need to connect and worship with other things as well.  This is the true tale as old as time; and it’s always changing.  Even here, in the United States where worshiping God was considered a natural thing to do, or at the very least was an acceptable thing to do, is questioned.  Even this has changed.

Now that Trump has been elected, there is a population of people that are already going a bit overboard with speculation as to whether or not Dr. Ben Carson will be appointed over Education and writing things like this quote below:

“Somehow, despite being a clearly highly qualified medical professional, he is an ardent young Earth creationist. Respect for the right to worship religion aside, this extreme view of the universe – one which adheres to the idea that the Earth is somewhere between 6,000 and 10,000 years old, and that evolutionary biology is essentially hocus-pocus – is incredibly anti-scientific.”

This was from an article I saw floating around Facebook.  What amazes me, is that this is purely speculation.  And wouldn’t he most likely be better suited in the healthcare field instead of education???  I mean, I supposed this could happen, but it doesn’t make much sense to me!  Obvious aside, I find it interesting that they use words like “extreme view” of the universe and on it goes.   I’m sorry, there was a time, when this belief was widely accepted and then so-called experts came along and started interjecting this theory as TRUTH, when, in fact it’s not.  No one really knows.  No one really has the evidentiary proof that is needed to prove this article one way or the other.  And yet, there has been this complete shift in the other direction.

When I took Spanish in college, I learned the Spanish word for what we call Saturday in English, is Sabado.  (Accent on the first letter A.)  It means Sabbath.   Saturday is what we in America call it because we use the Roman Greco calendar.   That statement in itself should tell you a lot, but let me break it down for you.  The word ‘Saturday’ means Saturn’s Day, and it came from Pagan Rome.  Yet, many countries and languages still use the original word for the seventh day of the week-and they ALL mean Sabbath.   Italian-Sabato; French-Samedi; Samstag-German; and SA!bado, in Portuguese.  (Except the exclamation point is to be upside down, and I don’t know how to make that happen on this keyboard.)   So, you get the point.   Over time, things change, and we loose sight of the original meaning.

But I find this absolutely fascinating….Greek was widely used during the time of the writings of the New Testament in the Bible and in fact most of the New Testament is written in Greek, because a law was passed by the Greeks declaring Greek the official language.  And their word for both Saturday AND Sabbath are EXACTLY the same.   I can’t type the Greek symbols to spell the word on here, but you can easily verify this if you want.  The Greek spelled the word exactly the same for BOTH  Saturday and Sabbath.

Most “Christians” now “worship” on the first day of the week, which we here in America call Sunday.   There are LOTS of reasons for that….none of them make sense to me, but the point is, the ORIGINAL Sabbath, or day of REST (how worship came into this, I don’t know) was on what we commonly refer to today as Saturday.   I use the word Christian in quotes, because it means something different to different people, depending on who you ask.   I will get to that later.  I use worship in quotes to differentiate the fact that according to God’s commandment, we are to REST on the Sabbath.  Not worship….which, we should do everyday of course, but, I wanted to make that clear as well.  And of course, now days, people associate worship with going to church.  I’m not getting into that.

As many of you may be aware, MOST of our traditional holidays here in America, are wrapped up in pagan traditions.   And since this country is largely modelled after Rome, why wouldn’t they be?   When the Puritans settled here in America, they knew this.  Did you know it used to be illegal to celebrate Christmas here in the states?  Not because they didn’t believe in God or that Jesus came to take away our sins, but because they knew Christmas was a pagan holiday, and God has instructed us not to MINGLE our worship of him with other Gods.   We are to remain pure before him…which is where the term Puritans came from.

Easter?  Same thing.  It’s pagan.   It’s a celebration of the goddess Ishtar.  Ishtar, Easter…they even sound similar.   Did you know that back then, they would rape virgins, on this so-called celebratory day, and then the following year, any children born from these “sacred rites” (read rape) who would now be just a few months old, would be sacrificed on an alter and the blood from said sacrifice used to paint eggs?  What we now refer to as Easter Eggs?  More virgins would also be raped on the alter and so it went.  I’m sorry, but I don’t think I want anything to do with that and then try to call it something else….like the celebration of Christ rising from the dead.  There’s no resemblance at all, and it’s not even close.  That’s what Passover is for.  That was set forth as a holiday (or feast) by God in the Bible already.  Why do we need another one…and to change it?    And for many, many years, even when this NEW celebration of Easter took place, the Easter eggs were painted….you guessed it.  Red!  Even at the White House!  I looked it up!  It’s there!  I’m sorry, but eww!  That’s just my personal belief based on my own research; and guess what?  At least for now, I am still allowed to have it! My point is, that over time, things loose their true meaning…things change.

Many will justify these practices by saying “God knows my heart.”   Yes, he does.  And I don’t know about you, but when he looks at MY heart, he is going to see a woman who chooses to worship him and only him, without mixing in pagan crap rooted in evil, and then trying to call it something good.   Remember the famous quote by Shakespear, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet?”   He is saying that it does not matter what you call a rose, it is still a rose and smells the same.  In my humble opinion, when it comes to some of these pagan holidays….the stench is awful.

But that’s not all that’s changed.  We now live in a country where you can worship any god you want, except the Christian God.  At least, that’s how many would like it, if they had their way.  And they are chipping away at it, little by little.

Here’s a perfect example, that probably most of you haven’t noticed, but I did.  I was driving in my car a few years ago and listening to the radio.  There is a part of the lyrics that uses the phrase “G*d damn” in it.   And so they bleep it.  But they don’t bleep the cuss word, damn.  They bleep out the word God and leave in the word damn!  Now, this honestly makes my head spin!  You can’t even say the word God on radio now?   But you can cuss?!?!  And that becomes increasingly more obvious when you watch TV, especially on Networks like HBO.  If you have ever watched the series “Deadwood” you will know what I mean.  I was involved with a man at the time who did not believe in God at all, and loved this show, but for me, it was just almost excruciating to watch at times, as the antagonist would use the “C word” regarding women over, and over, and over again.  If his job as an actor in that series was to make you hate him, I would say he certainly succeeded just because of his foul mouth.

Now, I am not propagating the idea of censorship or burning books here.  They (HBO) have the right to artistic expression and freedom of speech as much as I do.  What I want to point out, though, is how extremely popular the show was and how people did not even seem to phased by the outright lewdness put right in front of them.  It didn’t use to be like that.

We are surrounded by an overwhelming sense of hedonism these days everywhere we look.   I personally find it a bit…disturbing.  I remember parents of my youth saying, “What is this world coming to?” and now, here I am saying the same thing!

And it’s not that people are moving further and further away from the direction of God and trying to live a godly life.  It’s the outright hatred directed at Him, and anyone who believes in him.  Quite honestly, in a lot of situations, it’s an outright attack, if you ask me.

Case in point.  I recently saw a meme on Facebook that was a picture of this sprawling mansion.  It said something to the effect that if a church and minister lived like that, then they should pay taxes.   Here’s another example:  A meme of George Carlin, who apparently said, “I’m pretty sick of church people.  You know what they ought to do with churches?  Tax them.  If holy people are so interested in politics, government, and public policy, let them pay the price of admission like everybody else.  The Catholic Church alone could wipe out the national debt if all you did was tax their real estate.”

Those are pretty hateful statements.  And there are plenty more where that came from.  Remarks about separation of church and state, and how “religious people suck” abound.  People comment continuously about how the Bible is full of contradictions and comments implying ministers are the equivalent of a beggar on the corner who goes home to a Mercedes and million dollar home are everywhere.

But I have some thoughts of my own on the matter.  First of all, I wonder if George is talking about the Catholic Church as a whole, which includes the Vatican, or just the churches here in the state.   And what exactly does he mean about “holy people…interested in politics and government, and public policy” that they should pay a “price of admission” like everyone else?   What do “holy” people do that is so awful by having an “interest” in public policy and government?   Is a law that makes someone be “good” inherently also “holy?”   Where do you draw the line, and how do you define it?  Murder is considered “bad” and “wrong” and it’s also one of the Ten Commandments.  So, do we throw that out because it might be too holy?  George is a smart and funny guy.   But when he started to bash God and Christians, he honestly didn’t have a clue what he was really talking about, in my humble opinion.  And I have to wonder if the guy ever set foot in church.  (Not that simply going to church means anything, really.)  But that’s where the teaching starts.  That’s where understanding of God and what it’s like to follow him is supposed to look like.  In church.   And he obviously had no idea what any of that was truly about.

While I am sure that I may ruffle a few feathers by saying this, I have to point out that as the first “organized religion” of the world, they certainly have some corrupt crap going on in the Catholic Church.   There is plenty of evidence that points to the fact that they decided the pope can stand in the stead of Christ, and they changed the Sabbath to the first day of the week, and set up these so called “Christian” holidays in an attempt to merge the required Christian religion with the pagans of the day.   Since they were forcing Catholicism down people’s throats, it made it a little easier for people to swallow when they could see similarities with some of their own pagan practices, at least.  Yet, that begs the question.  Are all Catholic people now then bad?

I will be the first to admit that organized religion definitely can be corrupt and absolutely without a doubt has it’s flaws.  Nowhere in the Bible did God give the Catholic Church the authority to do anything….Some king at the time did by appointing a vicar, which means “a representative of” someone…and at that time, the vicar was meant to be a representative of Christ.  Then they just up and did whatever they wanted, because they were given the power to by the king, and decided they were basically God now.   They changed the Ten Commandments to nine, because well, we can’t have too many people questioning about the one that says to “Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy” and thank goodness most people couldn’t even read back then, so they wouldn’t ask questions about all the numerous scripture that discusses exactly what is supposed to happen on the Sabbath.  I find it interesting that even today, most Catholics do not really read their Bibles, except for what the “officials” at the top ordain for them to read…and even then, they are TOLD by said officials what it means, whether it really means that or not.  Kinda like Jesus’ birthday is December 25th.  Nope.  It’s not.  Not even close.

Over time, people like Martin Luther recognized that they (the Catholic Church) had changed the word of God and were not acting in a Biblical manner.  So they split away, and that’s where the Lutherans came from.   Today, the different sects and religions are almost too numerous to count.

Now, we have other ministers who have perhaps lost sight of what following Christ really means or looks like, and I can certainly understand the disenchantment of someone who looks at the situation from the outside.  At the same time, I think it’s important to point out that there is some erroneous thinking going on here too.   Ministers are people too.  They are men. (Or women)  Men and women who sin and make mistakes, just like anyone else.   The only difference is that they are asking God for forgiveness and are trying (some harder than others) to live a Godly life.  Yet the bashing of ministers is running rampant in America today.  The good news?  God does hold them to a higher standard and they will be held accountable for how they lead people.  Just so ya know.

And Ministers do pay taxes!   So, as you look at the sprawling estate of someone like, Joel Osteen, for instance, and assume he’s just too wealthy and exploiting good Christian people, consider this.  I know a lot of people think that pastors are supposed to be poor and suffering for Jesus.   I know this, because as I think I have mentioned before, I was a preacher’s daughter.  And when my dad took a job aside from the ministry to put food on the table, people got indignant towards him about it.   There really is a population of people out there who believe being  minister of God means you must live in squalor.  But nowhere in the Bible have I been able to find that.  So, let’s just make that clear right out of the gate.  So, a pastor is doing well.  So what?   And as a matter of fact, he IS paying taxes on the income the church pays him.   And when you look at someone like Joel Osteen, you need to remember the man has written books and all kinds of other things that contribute to his income and are also taxed and have nothing to do with the church financially at all.  Granted, many people in said church probably buy his books, but trust me, if they didn’t feel he had anything good to say, they wouldn’t buy them.  Is this not the case with any author?

I get it.  There are things that go on, that I don’t agree with either.   My favorite religious group to be upset with is the Catholic Church, and there are some cults like Scientology and the like as well…which, interestingly enough, don’t pay taxes either.  Hmm…why aren’t they being attacked like Christianity is?   Well, I know they are to some extent, but not like this.  But I think it’s important to remember that while these examples are glaringly obvious, they don’t really represent the masses of people who genuinely want to do the right thing, and we should not lump them all in together.  It’s like saying all cops are bad, which is really “en vogue” right now too.   But it’s not true.  In fact, most cops are good.  People have just chosen to look at the bad ones and then try to stick a label on them all that doesn’t even really fit.  Because let’s face it.  The world becomes increasingly backwards every day.  What’s good is bad, and what’s bad is good.  You can cuss, but you can’t say God.  You are cool if you act like a heathen, and you are stupid, boring, and possibly crazy if you believe in God and want to do good.

I believe perhaps one of the best examples of this attack comes from the author Richard Dawkins.   He has written books like The God Delusion, The Greatest Show on Earth, A Devil’s Chaplain, and several more.  As you can see, there is a common theme in all of his books.  Most of the time, he is outright hostile.  The title of The God Delusion alone implies that anyone who believes in God is delusional.  That’s pretty hostile, wouldn’t you say?  He asserts an undeniable air of incredible conceit, and implausible argument that evolution is a certainty.  He even states (over and over) that evolution is a fact.  He asserts there is no missing link and there IS a fossil record and uses really big words while spewing venomous diction towards anyone and everyone who would be dumb enough to actually believe in creation.  (The words pompous ass come to mind in trying to describe him.)  He all but states the idea of creation is ludicrous!  Maybe he does, I could only tolerate reading one of his books and couldn’t read any more.  I found him to be that insufferable.

Regarding his book, The Greatest Show on Earth, he is quoted as saying, “This book is my personal summary of the evidence the ‘theory’ of evolution is actually a fact-as incontrovertible a fact as any in science.”    He was supposedly one who embraced Christianity until he was in his teens, and is also quoted as saying, “The main residual reason why I was religious was from being so impressed with the complexity of life and feeling that it had to have a designer, and I think it was when I realized that Darwinism was a far superior explanation that pulled the rug out from under the argument of design.  And that left me with nothing.”

Honestly, I don’t see it.  I went to school, where they shoved evolution down my throat, and tried to sell me it’s “science” and so must therefore be fact.   When I was in college, I wanted to major in anthropology, and took a class that had anthropology in the title…but served only one purpose.  To educate people on Evolution and all the different types of apes and how they progressed through the chain of evolution.  I had to learn the names of each species and sub-species and it was one of the hardest classes I ever took.  How I got an A, I will never understand….except I worked me arse off for it!  It was a one or two hundred level class, but man, it was hard!

Anyway, I kept noticing little discrepancies that I couldn’t reconcile.  Like, they would say things like the brain gets bigger as the ape evolves….yet, when I started looking into that…I could find no evidence of that at all!  In fact, I found one instance where the brain was bigger back then than it is now!  But they are selling you a story that as a brain gets bigger we get smarter and they can’t be bothered to point out that even Einstein’s brain weighed less than other people’s did….so…it was smaller….Hmmm….

I honestly feel I give it an honest try to keep an open mind, and I just am not seeing it.  Here’s the thing.  I am not the only one.  Dawkins was criticized by people who are book critics for a profession as being angry and hateful in his writings.   For instance, when his book The Greatest  Show on Earth came out,  in The Times, Anjana Ahuja spoke of his account of the evidence as “aggrandizing the role of Islam in the spread of creationism” and suggested that perhaps his “style” of writing may not be likely to persuade people into seeing things his way.  Another reviewer, Simon Ings, felt that Dawkins’ anger had interfered with his creativity.   Moreover, a New York Times reviewer named Nicholas Wade also criticized Dawkins’ assertion that evolution can be treated as an undeniable fact and his insistence that it is a fact, makes him as dogmatic as his opponents.    So, while I am willing to at least read something or take a class, and look at other things out there while at least trying to consider whether or not it’s true; I have to wonder and even be leery of this kind of thing when it comes to an issue like this.   I mean, if he’s right, and there is no God, fine:  but if he’s wrong, and there is?  The people who bought his line are screwed!   And what is he so mad about?

Quite frankly, there are plenty of other scientific minds who went to just as prestigious schools who can and DO make a very good SCIENTIFIC case for the evidence of the existence of what science calls “intelligent design.”   Dr. Stephen C. Meyer does an outstanding job asserting his case, and has done numerous lectures and debates with evolutionists, and was educated at Cambridge.  I also personally, like his sense of humor on the matter.  He even speaks of Darwin and Dawkins in his lectures and uses their research as a foundation for his lectures.  And while he states that he and those of likeminded opinions are not propagating the Genesis creation story or the young earth theory, he is definitely leaving the door open for others to take his research further with support. I suppose one could take it and try to say that aliens are real and we were planted here by them, and many have; but I personally am not inclined to think so.   There are in fact, many, many other scientists and highly educated people who are Christians and believe in God and present good cases as well.

That being said, I would have to say that it seems to me BOTH cases have evidence and should therefore be presented as possibilities, at the very least.  And yet, there is this INSISTENCE that evolution will be the ONLY  avenue allowed.   Take a look at our time line.  Even that has been changed to enforce a new agenda.  What used to be called B.C and A.D. and was based on the life of Christ;  B.C. = Before Christ, A.D. = After Death, have now been changed to BCE, as short for Before the Common Era and I forget the other.  What the hell is a “common era” anyway?  It’s just an outright attempt to completely erase Christ from the world.  And when the have removed him from the schools, and aren’t even referencing him in any way-like in our time lines, and they get rid of those “pesky Christians” it is very possible they will succeed.

As far as Dawkins is concerned, I personally have to wonder why he is so emotional about his chosen topic of argument.  I find it somewhat humorous how scientists and mathematicians assert that their fields of work are completely unemotional and implicitly factual fields.   However, this is not entirely true.   You can see this when you prove one of them wrong and they throw a fit like a three year old!   Or when you get a few of them together who have varying or opposing theories, they can get into very immature fights over who is right!   And let’s not forget that while there are a ton of theories out there, they still remain just that.  Theories.  Even Einstein’s theory of E=MC2, which has been widely popular and worked in many equations, (yet they were at least careful to remain true to the fact it was a theory) is now coming into question and there are new ideas about whether or not the speed of light actually changes!   See the movie Einstein’s Blunder for further details.  It really is fascinating.

The other thing I see all the time is the rant that “the Bible is full of contradictions and discrepancies” implying that it was just an unorganized mess of blabbering’s by people who were obviously on hallucinatory drugs and making things up.  Usually by people who have never even bothered to read the Bible…as they walk around emphatically crying there is no God, yet screaming “G*d d@mn it!’ or “Oh my God!” and even break down and pray to this God they don’t believe in when they really want something to happen their way.

First of all, why do you keep talking about a God that you say doesn’t exist?   Or pray to him either?   Lastly, the Bible has 66 books in it and was written by many different people.   The first five books were written by Moses, Psalms was written by a guy named David, and then in the New Testament you have Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John….those are the authors of those books; and the list goes on.   Now, when you consider this, it’s actually REMARKABLE to find so MUCH consistency!  When you read the eye-witness accounts of Jesus  by authors such as Luke and John, and what they saw and/or heard it’s a truly wondrous thing to see how one may fill in a blank that the other left out, and you can put the pieces together as you go!  Let’s not forget that all of these guys were under extreme scrutiny, and even jailed or worse yet killed,  for what they had the “nerve” to say.  Yet every single one of them REFUSED to recant or change the stories of what they witnessed!  So, it’s hard for me to believe they were just making sh*t up, ok?   Besides, it’s pretty difficult to have that many people involved in a “conspiracy” and make sure they all have the same story-if they are lying.  And yet, at the same time, since they all come from different backgrounds and different walks of life, of course you are going to have SOME discrepancies.  But remember, like I said before, one author often fills in the blanks that another may have left out.  You just have to be willing to read it and pay attention.  It is, in fact, very consistent.

And while many people like to spout off as fact that there is no other mention of Jesus anywhere, that is in fact, not true either.  There are, indeed, great historians who mention “this Jesus fellow,” which offers “proof” that he did exist.

Now lets talk separation of church and state a sec.  Separation of church and state is about keeping the government from telling the people what religion they must practice and what to believe.  Nothing more.   Imagine with all the terrorist attacks and extreme Islam of today, how you would feel if the government made it law that we as Americans must now become Muslims, or be put to death…kind of like the Catholics did back in the day with their so called Christianity.  That’s what Separation of Church and state means, and that’s why it was put in place.  Nothing more.

I was walking through a grade school library the other day and noticed some of the books they had on display there.  Books about Thor, Loki, Apollo, Venus, and other “super heroes” abound.   But you won’t find a Bible anywhere.   It seems you can have all the gods you want in the schools except the Christian God, and I find that really interesting.   But they have called allowing the Christian God in schools a violation of church and state….so everyone who believes in God walks on egg shells when they are on school grounds.

We even have to be careful about calling ourselves Christians today.  Not just because we don’t want the label of “religious freak” slapped on our foreheads, but because we don’t want someone who has no idea what it’s about to assume that we are like this person or that one.

I still remember the day I walked into the office of a supervisor I once had to hear the tail end of a conversation she was having with another supervisor.   She was telling my boss how this lady was at this function she was also in attendance of, and this lady was wearing a T-shirt that said something or other and while she was “very nice” you could tell she was “one of THOSE Christians.”   As I stood there, I wondered what exactly she meant by that.  I could have asked, but I knew just by her tone and demeanor that it was by no means a compliment in any way, shape or form.   And as she turned and saw me, she got a sheepish look on her face that was almost apologetic because she knew that I may very well be one of THOSE Christians.  But unlike her, I knew better than to have that kind of conversation at work and chose not to engage.  I simply smiled and went about the issue at hand.  This is just one of yet another type of attacks on Christianity we see in the country today.

While I can call myself a Christian, I am now hesitant to do so, for yet another reason entirely.  Not because I don’t believe in God or that he sent his son, Jesus, to die on the cross (another pagan symbol-look it up!) for my sins.   Because I do believe those things.   But I want to be a follower of Christ.  Not a follower of religion-especially in some cases of organized religion.  Did you notice the quote I referenced above by Dawkins in which he called Christianity being religious instead of Christianity?  I would venture to guess he chose that word for a very real reason.  I never met the man, but that’s what I think.  Being labelled “religious” is almost worse than being called one of them Christians.   No Christian wants someone ignorant to the whole issue at hand looking at them and saying, “Oh you got religion, huh?”   Because we all know there is a difference between the two.

I have given a few examples on the attempt to crucify Christ yet again, but the list is almost exponential.  The inquisition, the whipping, the mocking, and insults upon his people are very real.  In other countries they are being killed.  And while many would roll their eyes at me saying this, if we aren’t careful, that could just as easily happen here.  The attack is very real and there is a war against God that is being fought fervently by those who oppose him.  There should be no denying of this, and we must be careful about what we are willing to believe and accept about someone just because they believe in God.

Yes, there are pastors of extremely large churches who have that human sin called greed (just like a lot of us) and could probably stand to be a little more giving to the poor.  Yes, there are churches, like the Vatican, that have ENORMOUS wealth and power;  who in fact, have declared their little estate as a country all its own and are in a lot of ways untouchable.  But we have laws in place in America that are meant to protect a non-profit organization and that also includes churches that for all intents and purposes, kinda suck.   When you take the MAJORITY of ministers, pastors and the like of GOOD people, who genuinely want to follow Christ and offer up a life of servitude to others, it’s wrong to take that away from them because of a few bad apples.

Yes, a “church” can buy property for a pastor to live in, or cars for a pastor to drive and they become property of the church and the church is tax exempt.   And sometimes the property is a mansion, and the cars are Rolls Royces or Mercedes.  And sometimes the ministers take advantage of things or situations and live a life of EXTREME extravagance.   But the Jim Bakkers of the world are more the exception.  Not the rule.

When you get into the smaller churches, like the case of my father, that is not the situation at all.  Not even close!  And as I mentioned before, there was a time that he even had to take another job just to make ends meet.  We were ALWAYS on the verge of being poor and lived very modest lives.  We were NOT always provided with a parsonage to live in and paid our own rent and bills just like any other person in town.  Sometimes we did have a parsonage to live in.  One in particular that we lived in was a two bedroom place with a Jack and Jill bathroom between my parents’ and my bedrooms, and its only source of heat was a heater that hung in the floor with a grate over the top of it.  My brother slept down in the basement for a short time, but found it scary, so being older, I was sent to sleep down there instead…and I found it a little creepy too!  That place was FAR from being a mansion, or even updated; yet we were grateful for it just the same.  I personally believe that most ministers live with a similar attitude, regardless of how nice the home is.   And when tax time came, “there was a scramble to come up with the money to pay them.”  Says my dad.  “Because the church didn’t withhold any taxes before they paid you, so that was really hard.”

I hope that I have not come across like my dad…a preacher.  And if I have, I will get off my soap box here in a minute.  I hope I have given you something to consider as you have read this, and at the very least opened your eyes to the truth of the matter in some of these instances.

The war on Christianity is very real and becoming more and more prevalent here in the United States.  The push to remove God from our schools in the name of “separation of church and state” has been pervasive for years.  Now churches are being attacked on their own ground with the threat of being taxed and all kinds of other things by a small population of people who outright HATE God and want him dead!  They want him removed and any trace of his existence in the hearts and minds of anyone wiped out entirely.

I personally have to wonder, why?  What are they so afraid of?  And I can’t think of a single thing, except they simply do not want to be told that to murder, lie and cheat and disobey God’s laws are wrong.  They want to go on sinning and being evil and they don’t want to have to feel bad about it and/or have anyone point that out to them.  It’s just easier to deny and emphatically insist he doesn’t even exist.  But with no real TANGIBLE proof either way…it’s still up for debate, and I know whose side I would rather be on.

Regardless of heaven or hell, or if God is real or not, I just hope we have the foresight to imagine a Godless world and what that would be like.  I find THAT world a much more scary place to have to live in, than the one with God in it.









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